I have enjoyed your service. I will signup for 6 months after the month. I just wanted to make sure that I have a consistent service as it appears you are and you hit that high %. I have been made the happiest guy on the planet. I have a very strict MM program and understand the ups and downs of this business.



Joe F.


Hi to the folks at FSNinfo.com

I have been betting on sports for more than 20 years, with mixed results. That was until signed up with FSNinfo.com.

You told me you had five of the best sports handicappers in the business, and boy, were you right. The picks from my handicapper, JT Stevens, were hitting at almost 70 per cent last NFL season! After struggling to break even for most of my sports betting life, I am now making money.

Thanks guys.

Jack L.

Boston, Mass.


To FSNinfo.com

There are a lot of pretenders in the handicapping business, a lot of people who claim to know what they’re talking about, but obviously don’t.

With FSNinfo.com, it became clear soon after I registered with the site that the handicappers there are experts. With my capper, Mike Pappas, I’m winning and making money like never before.

And that’s not all. On a recent trip to NYC, Mike took me out for dinner at Morton’s Steakhouse. It was one of the finest steaks I’ve ever had. Talk about personalized service!

Great picks and great steak – what more can I ask for?

Pat B.

San Diego


Hey Guys:

I live in Las Vegas and I have been following and betting on sports for over 30 years. I practically live in the sportsbooks here in Vegas, and I’ve met a lot of handicappers over the past three decades.

But I’ve never experienced a more qualified group of sports betting handicappers than the team at FSNinfo.com. Ever since I joined, my bankroll has grown ever year.

Thanks again.

Dave Christie

Las Vegas


Hey Mr, Popus

Just wanted to say hello and drop you a quick email, sorry for giving you a hard time after your first loser. Thought I was getting involved with another losing proposition. Glad you took the time to speak to me, to tell me the long-term about this business and its not about one day or one game. You sure are persistent...

Yours Truly,


Dallas, Texas


To the Staff of FSNinfo.com

Only one better thing then making money and that's making more money, thanks for your help keep up the good work,

Mario G

New York, Ny


Hey Cody,

This time im not calling you on the phone Im sending am email I know your busy, I cant believe you made it through a half-way season of baseball and im up money, I guess your right there is some money to be made in baseball and cant wait to do some football with you.


Baton Rouge, LA


To the staff of fsninfo.com

You guys are great winner winner chicken dinner, keep the winning


Miami, Florida


Hey Johnny.

I’m talking to you more than my boyfriend hes upset your winning for me.

Love ya,

Kei Kei

Atlanta, Georgia


Hey Cowboy Anderson,

Thanks for the help we won the office pool, now we are thinking about getting individuals accounts. March Madness was great! You really do treat winning like a business.

AW Automotive

Kansas City, KS

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