Suarez to Stay with Liverpool despite Interests of Arsenal

Arsene Wenger may not be content enough due to this. 

According to reports, Wenger was ready to shell out £30million plus adds-on for Suarez. However, Liverpool is determined to keep the prized striker in their line-up. The bid offered by Wenger seemed to be winning at one time when the media reports showed up in papers informing that Wenger had a big idea to sweep Suarez away from Liverpool to Arsenal for the next season.

Steven Gerrard, Liverpool skipper has just signed a two-year extension contract on Monday. Rodgers insists strongly that Suarez will be lining up alongside him once again next season. Rodgers is sure that the two will play together "unless something drastic happens." Meanwhile, the chance of happening something drastic looks feeble. Therefore, it is factual that Suarez will be running for scoring goals in favour of Liverpool the coming season.

"He is a wonderful player and he is still very much a Liverpool player. No matter who the player is, nobody is bigger than Liverpool Football Club," said Rodgers. “Luis is a very important member of this squad and I am looking forward to working with him again this season. There has been lots of speculation about Luis moving to another club but, as I said, he is very much a Liverpool player. We had an offer that was nowhere near what we value him at. Of course he wants to work and play at the top level. But unless something drastic happens, he will be staying here. He has got three years left on his contract."

One thing is clear in the comments of Rodgers- he is very confident that Louis is stable and calm with Liverpool. His voice has a confidence that he is not going to lose Suarez pretty soon. The striker is a very useful asset for Liverpool and he has showed much caliber in his position as a striker. Therefore even if Wenger believes that he has proposed to pay a fortune, the fortune of Suarez will match with the Liverpool Football Club the next season. Liverpool is going to play an Indonesian All-Star XI on Saturday. Suarez, along with goalkeeper Pepe Reina and defender Sebastian Coates, will not be playing in the game. They are still enjoying an extended break after their hard work in the Confederations Cup.


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