NCAA Tournament Picks -- Kentucky vs. Kansas State: Wildcats Will Advance, Either Way

It's been a long season in college basketball, if you recall at the outset, everyone was raging about the incredible freshman class that was brought in by University of Kentucky head coach John Calipari. Indeed, according to the opinions of some, he snagged five of the top 25 recruits that were available, including a player who may have been the best of all, Julius Randle.

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NCAA Tournament Predictions -- New Mexico State vs. San Diego State : Aztecs Look to Stand Tall in Land of the Giants

When San Diego State Aztecs take the floor against the New Mexico State Aggies in opening-round action in the NCAA Tournament (9:55 PM ET) at the Spokane Arena in Washington, they might be facing a very tall order indeed. We mean that literally, as New Mexico State, the champions of the Western Athletic Conference, are one of the tallest teams in the country across the front line.

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