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5 Reasons Why FSN is your Place to Win


100+ Years Combined Experience

Since the 1980’s, FSN has been steadily growing to become a dominant force online, utilizing the top 5 sport information experts in the business. Together, with over 100+ years of experience, FSN has grown from servicing a small group of players to our current base of several thousand clients.


Top Five Inner Circle

What sets FSN apart is what we call the top five inner circle- the best handicappers in the business. All of them must meet our strict criteria of winning percentage, money management and customer satisfaction.


Guaranteed Profits Hitting Over 65%

The FSN top five inner circle have an average winning percentage between 65 and 70%. This, combined with our money management system is what guarantees our clients will be profitable year after year.


Money Management Bankroll System

FSN has been one of the most successful handicapping services around for more than 35 years because of our proprietary money management system. We want our clients to turn big profits and using our proven system they will do just that.


First Class Customer Service 365 Days a Year

FSN offers sports bettors the two things they want most when looking for a proven handicapper who can produce profitable results: experience and trust.

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