Mike Pappas, The Golden Greek

Mike Pappas, aka The Golden Greek, doesn't necessarily consider himself a Greek God, but he is a Handicapping God, as far as his many clients are concerned.

You might think a guy growing up in Athens, Greece would be far-removed from the world of the National Football League and the National Basketball Association, but you'd be wrong.

A resident of Sarasota, Florida for the past 27 years, Pappas has followed the same path as many famous Greek handicapping experts before him. Like many newcomers to the country, he had envisioned the great American dream, and he discovered his calling of sports handicapping, and in a great irony, started helping others to discover their dreams by providing consistently winning sports picks in the NFL and the NBA.

Many years ago, when he first came to America, he started off in Boston, where he began studying the Patriots and the Celtics – and then expanded to studying the entire NFL and NBA. He quickly gained a solid reputation as a successful handicapper. Years later, The Greek is still doing it the same way, a method he considers "part special gift, part hard work." He combines his natural instinct with his well-earned reputation as a student of the sports-betting world to make winning picks for his clients.

The Greek has now joined the FSNinfo.com network, so for the first time, the general public will have access to his sports-betting wisdom. The Greek's record in the NFL and NBA speaks for itself: 78-46 in the NFL over the past three years (63%) and 58-28 (67%) in the NBA.

His most memorable bet comes from last year's NBA Finals. The Los Angeles Lakers were coming off a 22-point win over the Boston Celtics in Game 6 to even the series at 3-3. Everyone expected more of the same in Game 7 and the Lakers were made a 7-point favorite. But The Greek saw the Celtics keeping it close, and made his clients a lot of money as Boston covered. 


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