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FSNInfo.com offers sports bettors the two things they want most when looking for a proven handicapper who can produce profitable results: experience and trust. FSNinfo was established in 1983, long before the Internet was born. It was then that we started bringing together some of the sharpest money makers in the sports handicapping industry and developed one of the best money management systems around. 

We were a small company that focused on a select client base, and we quickly developed a solid reputation as our winning percentages grew and our clients made more and more money. And we did all of it the old-fashioned way: with pen and paper and lots of research. 

As time moved on, our company grew and when the sports betting and handicapping business began moving online in the mid-1990s, FSNinfo became FSNinfo.com as we fully embraced the Internet wave. Of course, the switch to an online industry brought both good and bad, the bad being that a lot of pretenders and fakers posing as knowledgeable handicappers began setting up shop online. These people had no idea what they were doing and gave the real professionals like us a bad name.

The good part of the move online is it has enabled FSNinfo to bring together some of the sharpest minds in the sports handicapping business under one roof. Our top handicappers have been doing what they do – making their clients money – for decades. We consistently hit winning percentages second to no one and build bank rolls year after year.


About Us


Since 2003, FSNinfo has been steadily growing to become a dominant force online through the hard work, experience and dedication of its top handicappers. This well-earned reputation has allowed us to grow a small client base back in the 1980s to our current base of several thousand clients.

What sets FSNinfo apart is what we call “The Top 5 Inner Circle” – the top handicappers in the business. All must meet our strict criteria based on winning percentage, experience, game performance, money management system, client feedback, and customer service. Check out their bios on our website to read about their unique qualities for yourself.

Let this football season bring you success by using the services of one or all of our Inner Circle handicappers.


VIP Club HighRoller Winners

VIP Club HighRoller Winners


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